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Thursday, September 15, 2005

NY Times - you need to pay for our expert bias!

Wow, the NYTimes really knows how to reverse the tide of irrelevancy that has hit them. Losing subscribers? No longer the "paper of record"? Start charging for people to read your "all-star" columnists online. NewsMax is reporting that the NYTimes will start charging 49.95 a year for the privilege of reading Krugman, Rich, Dowd, Friedman and the rest of their lineup.

Drudge is thinking of kicking them off his site. Personally, I don't care where they end up. I really only read them as curiosity pieces anymore. There isn't a thing that one of them has done to make a difference to me in years. The only exception being that a collection of columns by Frank Rich convinced my wife that we shouldn't be subscribing to their opinion, I mean newspaper.

Is there any other company that so completely misjudges their place in the market place? I mean, how many companies when faced with falling demand would actually raise prices?

My only guess is that they vastly overrate their importance in the marketplace of ideas. Or, they recognize that their readership is shrinking into a very solid minority group, a group that is rabid enough to pay for their preachy opinions. Certainly, they resemble the caricatures of southern ministers that they love to promote in their newspaper. "Believe us, have faith.. Send us your money!"


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