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Friday, September 02, 2005

Just a short post today (I hope!).

My wife and I are sending our best wishes and hopes to the people of New Orleans. We had planned to go on a trip there this year. It would have been her first time trip to New Orleans and my 4th. It's a great city with wonderful people who have our prayers.

I won't go into full "TribuneWatch" mode today, but will just note that they publish an Op-ed piece from Dick Durbin - or at least from the staffers employed by that dim-bulb of the Senate. The title is "What's at Stake with Roberts". While I won't go into the point by point of his argument, he's basically saying that Roberts won't interpret the commerce clause or the "Right to Privacy" in the same way s the most liberal courts have interpreted it, and that all protections for women, minorities and any laws keeping guns out of school schools will vanish. It's good to know that the Federal Government is the ONLY legislative body that can implement all of these things! Anyway, my point is that he must be telling the truth because the stakes are high enough in his mind to make up deliberate falsehoods about a meeting with Roberts and then push those falsehoods to Jonathan Turley who then published them.

It goes to show what little credibility is left in the mainstream media that this story was dropped so quickly (probably from a good deal of embarrassment that their side would have someone as ham-handed and stupid as Durbin). Anyway, read his article if you wish to be amused.. then read more about Durbin here in Powerline's very useful documentation of the story:

and more here, if you want to know what Durbin is all about, in Captainsquartersblog, another of my favorite sites:


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