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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Just returned from the weekend away. My wife and I spent the weekend in St. Louis with my brother and his family helping them to celebrate the baptism of their newest member of the family, their second daughter. 5 hours driving there and another 5 hours to return sandwiched a very nice weekend with the family.

Of course, that meant we came home to a house made chaotic from the cats having free run for two days. Actually, the poor things get nervous when we leave and end up throwing up and feeling bad when we are away. It means a lot of cleanup when we come home, and it means we are forced to make it up to the little ones for few days :) This seems like a good time to describe our cats. The oldest, Isabell is a black/smoke female Persian of the doll-face variety. She is about 1 1/2 years old now, very small maybe 5 lbs, but very athletic. We like to say she is "furtive and small".

The second of the cats is Oliver. He is a orange Persian of the more common flat-faced type. Unfortunately for him, he was taken from his mother at too young of an age, and was of the overbred for show type of cat, so he has little ability to care for himself outside of a caring home, and even then is a bit clumsy. That said, he is SO very sweet and SO affectionate to us.

They are both our little babies despite their differing personalities and physical types. The similarity they share is how they came to be at our house. Something that most people don't realize is that Persians and some of the other purebred cats (especially those with long hair) are at extra high risk when donated to the shelters. Most of them are difficult to groom and require daily grooming that the shelters can't afford to provide. Additionally, many Persians with flat faces suffer from the sniffles and pick up respiratory ailments quickly. The sum of all of these things is that they are commonly put down first at the shelters.

A great organization in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin picked up on this and has been working as a rescue organization for these loving, beautiful cats. That is where we got these two beautiful kitties.

To do a shameless plug, please go see the beautiful cats at :
If you can help them out they are very deserving and could use any donations or even foster help if you can provide it, and if you want a great cat, rescuing one of these would be a wonderful thing! It's been incredible for us welcoming them into our family. ..and knowing that we helped to save them.


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