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Monday, September 26, 2005

More Media malfeasance

Kudos to and for exposing the media's incredible errors in reporting the news from New Orleans. Not only were the reports of lawlessness and crime vastly overstated and probably about average for this inherently violent city (this is NO we are talking about not Mayberry!), but the loss of life was overstated by huge amounts.

When the hurricane hit, it was billed as a chance for the old media to show why they were still relevant, a chance for them to show that they had far greater reach and resources than the blogsphere, but what we got was another failure, another reason not to trust them with something as important as the "news".

Was it bias or just their overwhelming need to provide sensational news even at the cost of accuracy? There may a deeper, more insidious problem with journalism today: the need to empathize with the subjects of the news may not allow them the objectivity to question what people say or even make them capable of putting events into a bigger, broader context to see a more accurate picture.

Unfortunately, that ability to take a broader view is not something that a journalist can learn in a journalism course or journalism school. Instead, it is some combination of a broad, strong education and experience and wisdom, and journalism schools provide none of those three components.



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